Sad news

texaswildSeptember 2, 2011

I know this should be on the conversation side, but it's not very active lately. The sad news is that FLAGTRUCK, Carol West, passed away this morning. She had brain surgery this past year, and has never quite recovered. I w/miss her greatly. Carol was known on Flickr as TOOMUCHTWODO. I've just written the Flickr headquarters for help on making the announcement to Carol's Flickr contacts. If any of you Flickr friends, WACKY, NANA, CATHY, know how, I'd appreciate it, if you could send me an email.

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Such sad news. I know you will miss her. So sorry, Slow.

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Oh So so sorry to hear such sad news, She will be missed. I know U will miss her. My sincere condolances to you and her family.

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Oh No.... I am so sorry to hear that. I dont know how slow short of msg each one of them.

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Very sorry to hear that.

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OH girl I know it must be so sad for you .You were so close .I am so very sorry.(Ido not know about flicker )

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Going down to her house this morning to visit her sis - she wasn't receiving yesterday. Ashamed to say that last time I visited her was when CALAM was here - waaaay too long. It confirms again that we need to take more time out to be w/our friends and tell them we love them more often.

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So sorry to hear that Slow. I do remember her posts from when I first started looking on here. She will be missed.

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It is such sad news, I am so grateful to Slow, for taking me over to meet Flagtruck when I was there...All the Dear Members of this and other GardenWeb forums have been so special to me....have changed my life!!! I will cherish meeting Carol, and to see her beautiful yard/home, and her amazing Mosaic studio!!!! It was so touching to see how Carol's eyes lit up to see us walking into her place, especially Slow, she LOVED you Slow! It was a "Wish List" visit to meet Flag and visit her and Slow and see their work/lives in person. May God Bless her Sister at this time.

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I remember many beautiful projects Carol had made, and her wonderful studio. She was a real artist and inspiration. It's so sad to hear she's gone. I know you'll miss her Betty, sounds like you spent some quality time together. This is very sad news.

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Oh I'm so sorry to hear this news. I've loved to look at Flagtruck's mosaics and have been inspired by her work. And Slow, I thought if I ever did get up your way to see you, I would ask if I could meet your friend. This is a sad day.

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I heard the news. I'm heart broken. She was a wonderful,sharing lady & a great teacher . ( She always pitched in to help me when I needed it ) It's really our loss. On the other hand - I know she's looking down at us & smiling . She'll never know how many hearts she's touched.

PS -- I have to ask - didn't she post under a different name besides flagtruck ? I could swear ,I knew her as something else before I found out her other name was flagtruck.

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I am SO SORRY to hear this!! She was a wonderful person and great artist. I still have some tiles she made, I got them from her in a tess exchange. I always felt they required a special project, now even more so!!

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She was an asset to both this forum and to the garden junk forum when she posted there. I send my condolences to her family.

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So sorry to hear this talented lady had a rough last year of her life. Loved all her work & was amazed at all she did. Hope her sis can deal with it & that there are friends & family around. Glad she got to meet some of you & always nice to have friends who have same interests as you. We'll miss her lovely work & friendship! Jan

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Visited her sis yesterday morning. Her daughter and two grands are there w/her for a few days. I'm taking my garden helper and husband down tomorrow, and w/Janice's help, we are going to clean up the back garden. It was so sad to see it go downhill. I used to go there for inspiration, and often told FLAG that I could pitch a tent in the middle and just camp out. Even though I'm impaired now w/my back, I can do a little bit, and hire my garden helper to do what I can't and get it all clean and tidy. When Janice and I were out in the garden yesterday, I could see it was overwhelming for her to even think about it. It's a BIG place, and the heat and lack of Carol's touch have taken its toll. I w/pass y'all's condolences to Janice.

I had spoken w/Carol via phone about three weeks ago, and when she called me back a few days later, she was responding to her telephone log, and said she was sorry she missed my call and was returning it - didn't remember we had talked. She regained some of her memory, but not all. She still thought she was driving that beautiful truck. Makes me so danged sad. It's like an artist library burned - hurts us to lose her and her wonderful talent. The Lord knows best, and He called her home and out of her depression.

TOOMUCH: I don't know of another name she had on this forum. On Flickr, it was TOOMUCHTWODO.

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You are so sweet Slow! A kind gesture from someone she Loved!

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That's so nice of you Slow, I know Carol would appreciate it, that yard was her pride and joy

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I haven't posted in quite a while, but heard the sad news and wanted to say how sorry I was about her passing.

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This is from NiceThyme:

"for some reason I can't get GW to load, I had it open enough to read that post and when I tried to respond it wouldn't open.. I've tried for several days.

can someone PLEASE please tell Betty how terribly sorry I am to hear of Carol's passing, she was an incredible artist and clearly a vibrant woman. "

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Message received, NT and PANTHER. I'm going to print out this thread and take it to Janice today. I know she'll be missed by many. I did finally get a response from Flickr/Yahoo, and w/also pass the info on to Janice. They require some paperwork to close the account.

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I am so sorry to hear of Carol's passing. Her mosaics were such an inspiration and I loved how colorful and vibrant they were. I am so sorry Betty for the loss of your dear friend!

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I'm so sorry to hear the sad news of Carol's passing. Betty, you and her family are in my prayers. You are so right, we must take time to tell our friends and loved ones how much they mean to us as often as possible.

rchovey (Ramona)

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So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend.

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So sorry Slow!
Ever since I saw your and Flag's cinderblock stands I've wanted to make some. Her mosaics are amazing.

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I was not aquainted with Flag but admired her work.Praying for His Peace which surpasses all understanding for her family and for each and every one of you whose life she touched. She was very talented & obviously well loved.


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Isn't it amazing how these forums make us friends w/people we may never meet? I was blessed to live near enough to FLAG to visit and share her wonderful work in person. The three of us made a huge dent into the cleaning of her pride and joy garden. I managed to clean one large bed and scrubbed/bleached a whole bunch of birdbaths and filled them. Spent the rest of the afternoon talking w/her bro-in-law - telling stories of Carol, while my garden helpers worked away. What a huge yard, but we got the worst part done. It'll look a lot nicer for the memorial open house that is to be scheduled soon.

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Oh Slow what a wonderful thing you did by helping the family get her yard ready for the Memorial. I remember some of her works. Does she have a site to be able to go view all her works?. If not that would be a wonderful tribute to her, wish I knew how to do that! Surely theres a way to compile pics of her work in one place to view.
My sympathies to you and her family I know she will be truely missed.

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The only place I know is Flickr. Since I assume she wasn't a premium member there are only 200 photos. Search her on Flickr as toomuchtwodo, and you can see a few of her pics. I just don't have the time to devote to trying to make an album of her works. Go for it, if you do, CRAFTY.

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God bless you Carol. I'm so sorry to hear this news, Betty it's hard to loose a dear friend I lost my in 2004. As time goes on the pain is easier but always in my heart and mind. Carol will be always there to help you with your design and creativity and in your heart. Words can not heal but with Gods help he will see you though this rough time. What a wonderful friend that can stay with a friend in need. She was never alone. God bless you Betty. toomuchglass said it the best "a wonderful sharing lady and great teacher". My sympathies to family and friends. God Bless you Carol you will be missed.
Indiana Betty

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Amen - I lifted my eyes to Heaven when I was helping clean her yard on Monday, and said "Thanks a lot, you l'il heifer"!!!!!!!! She was a sweet, loving and talented lady.

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What a wonderful gift you've given her family, Betty. I would be overwhelmed by such kindness, and I'm sure your friend would have appreciated it.

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I have not posted here in Years. Carols passing is so sad. huge lump in my throat, typing through tears. I am so so sorry. Heard about it on flicker. I am so very sorry for our loss of Carol and know how her family will miss her.

I remember the first time we saw Carol in her truck on the highway in our neck of the woods. DH and I oooohhhheeeddd and AAAHHHEEEDDDD over the Gorgeous Flag Truck. Then I remember saying to DH. It is a Woman driving that truck and waving a Thumbs up to her and she waved back.Gave us a short toot.

A year or so later I was here at GW and we were visiting and Flagtruck told us about her truck and it was then I KNEW we had seen Carol on the highway. We saw her a few times as this turned out to be a regular rout for her. So sorry I did not know her as our Flagtruck until after she had quit driving. So close yet so far.

May her dear hands guide us for ever in our quest to make beautiful art. She will be so missed.


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Hello SHADES. I've missed you so much on this forum. It's so nice to see your post. What a blessing to you to have seen that beautiful truck on the road, and then to meet her on this forum. Truly, she was a unique individual that touched many of our lives. Again, I've missed you, SHADES - thanks for posting about your friendship w/FLAG.

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Oh Slow, so sad to hear this... I haven't checked in here for awhile and my heart is saddened by Flag's passing. You are an amazing woman too and great friend you were to her. I now your heart blessed today. Hugs to you!!

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I'm so sorry to hear about Carol. she was such an inspiration me! I was... and in awe of all she accomplished. In looking at her Flickr page: I'm reminded of her encouragement and wonderful spirit of sharing information.
I just looked at photos of some of the birdbath... gorgeous! And what a wonderful gift to help with her gardens! Slow... you and Carol were some of the first Internet folks to patiently answer questions for me...and give encouragement. I appreciate you! Positive thoughts and prayers your way... and do take care of your back!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Carol's Flickr Page

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I just heard of her passing today.
I'm heart broken. She was an amazing person and I'll never forget visiting her home and garden when I took Rianna's class with yall.
Slow, I will be remembering you and her family in my prayers.

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Thanks, BAMA: She'll be missed by many of us. I always came away from her gardens w/re-newed inspiration.

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I too just heard this sad news. Prayers and blessings sent in her memory to all her family and mosaic friends.


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I haven't looked in in about a month and to see this breaks my heart! I am so sorry to you Slow and for her family. Whenever I am feeling down or want to feel creative I always look at yours and her pictures. Yall are so inspirational to me. Thank you to you and Flag for all you do. She will be missed so much.

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What a nice thing to say, GLASSY. I keep passing messages to Janice re y'all's comments. They are very well received. Going down tomorrow for another visit, and w/pass these two messages.

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