Low-volt mini can to pendant conversion ???

willinakMarch 24, 2011

Is there a conversion trim that would take a low voltage, 4" can and convert it to use a pendant fixture?

If not, any ideas on how to "rig" one up?

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Anything you would do in this area would not be endorsed by UL. Why not just purchase a pendant fixture designed for this application? A single 4" low-voltage can can't be worth more than a dollar or two.

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The problem is... I have 4 Elco - 4" lo-vo cans already installed in a vaulted ceiling. I'd like to use pendants, and I can't figure out how or where to get a pendant that would mate up? If you can point me in the right direction, I would be most appreciative.

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Ron Natalie

I've never seen one of those kludge conversions that was designed for anything other than regular 120V incandescent bulbs.

If the transformer is integral with the fixture, you should be able to remove the fixture, put in a regular box, and hang a pendant. If the transformer is located remotely from the fixture, you're probably out of luck short of fishing new wires.

I suggest calling an electrian.

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I never tell the whole story... This is in a vaulted (roof) ceiling and no way to remove, short of a sawzall.

The fixtures have their own xformer. It would seem pretty easy to wire, but the mechanical connection is the bugaboo.

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Ron Natalie

The mechanical problem shouldn't be an issue. Even old work boxes will be able to carry the weight of most pendants. There are some old work boxes with internal screws that will be even better.

TOMBS it's "thecanconverter.com" and it will be of no practical use to this poster.

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ronnatalie, you're right, the canconverter isn't what I need. However, I not sure how I would install an old work box inside of the Elco mini can. If you can shed some light on how, it would be appreciated.

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Ron Natalie

You don't. You remove the mini can. Since the junction point to the 120V connection needs to be accessible, there has to be a way to get to it without removing the finished surface. This is usually accomplished by removing the trim piece and pulling the fixture down through the exiting hole allowing you to reach up and get to the junction box. Depending on the design of the fixture the thing may just be friction fit up in there, or there may be clips or screws that you have to undo to get it to release.

Any electrician worth a plug nickel will be able to do what I suggested.

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I don't think I can remove the can w/o damaging the sheetrock, but maybe it's posible. However, If I used a low voltage pendant, why would I need access to the 110v wiring?

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Ron Natalie

The LAW requires the 120V connection to be accessible. A listed fixture will allow this. If you can't figure out how to do it, get an electrician. All the pendants I've seen have their own integral transformer (usually housed in the bell that mounts to the box on the ceiling). You need to feed it with 120V.

There's no legitimate way of hacking in a low voltage pendent to an existing low voltage can.

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Thanks, and I see your points.

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