$300 budget table saw

SBLandscapeApril 25, 2011
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Just purchase a better quality portable circular saw.

The cheap table saws are notoriously inaccurate and not suitable for much more than cutting framing lumber.

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Thanks for the help! Did more searching and that's what allot of people say.
Whats a good miter saw for the money? Budget was $200, with scraping the table saw I can do $300.
Ridgid, Bosch, Dewalt, Skil, Ryobi, or ????

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What type of work are you planning?

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My plans are to do some molding, build 2 sheds, couple work tables & miscellaneous wood work.

Is Hitachi miter saw good brand?

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As much as I use a table saw, I use it for things other than what you describe. I'd agree that you would be in good shape with
- a reasonable miter saw (slider is not necessary) I can't find any reviews and while the names remain the same, there has been a lot of reshuffling and M&A in this industry in the last year. Bosch, DeWalt, and Makita seem to still be making good stuff. Second tier might include Ridgid, Hitachi, and Porter Cable. Strictly Joe Garage stuff is Ryobi, Skil, Black&Decker, and most house brands.
- an upgraded blade on the miter saw (carbide tipped such as Freud)
- A decent circular saw
- A shop-built or purchased saw guide

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One has to be careful now because the major brands are often making two levels of quality.

Hitachi makes Hitachi Koko which is a much lower quality line of tools.

For $300, you can get a decent 12" Miter saw(single tilt) from DeWalt, Rigid, or maybe Hitachi. You will need stands for holding long pieces of stock flat on the saw table to cut.

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Lowes has a double Hitachi for $238 on clearance. That's what I'm leaning with right now, unless I change my mind by Thursday.

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Hitachi over the years has made some good tools; their early slider was very well respected. They've also offered some good values - maybe not the best tool but a good tool at a good price.

Magazines like WOOD and Fine Homebuilding do regular reviews of miters saws. Looking through their archives might be a good place to start.

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