Inviting Suggestion To Build Wooden Interior Window Shutters

ccollins62April 19, 2011

For my new home I am planning to build interior designs personally, I just need a website or something that has a visual step by step process on how to build shutters.

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It would really depend on what sort of shutters you want. The type with many thin slats mortised into a frame are not going to be a good project for a beginner. Something simple and rustic might be doable.

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Shutters with many small louvers only look simple until you try to make them.

You need cut after cut that are all exactly spaced and matched in depth.

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I made a few templates over the years to duplicate different styles of shutters. (depending on the angle and size of the louvers) I made the templates from plexiglass on an old Atlas universal milling machine that my former boss owned. This allowed me to properly index the start/stop points and maintain the perfect angle. Then a router with a guide bushing was used to rout out the angled mortises. Since the spacing was too close to permit the one for one pattern, only every other slot was cut during a single placement of the template; it then was shifted one-half module and the other half of the mortises were done. Since these were large exterior shutters and the template was of finite length, it would have to be shifted numerous times to cut all the slots down one side of a stile.
Movable-louver shutters have their own set of problems, but you need only drill a 1/4" hole for the louver pins. Forming the pins is done by another specialized cutter, either a special router template or a very small tenoning cutter in a drill press. There are also nylon pins available that skip the pin-cutting step; you just drill holes in the stiles and the louvers, and insert the pins into the latter. Making the staple connections to the louvers and actuating rod remains the insuperable limit of home shutter building.

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