Large silver tray - mosaic or not???

cathyscacheSeptember 21, 2009

I found this very large silverplated "Sheffield" tray @ a garge sale and was thinking of mosaicing it. I checked out Sheffield on line. Turns out they are the ones who discovered silverplating over copper but were later taken over by Barton and Reed so there is not much actually said about Sheffield. This has small spots on it where the copper is showing through. It mega in size, 26in long and 20in wide. It is the largest tray I've ever seen. A large 24lb turkey would seem small on this tray!!! It has beautiful ornate feet and is quite heavy. Should I mosaic it or just leave it as it is??? I paid $10 for this gorgeous find!!! Anyone have some advise????? Thanks

Here is a link that might be useful: Silver tray

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If YOU want to mosaic it...then do so!!! It's gonna be beautiful either way, maybe enjoy it as it is for a while, then mosaic. I mosaiced a tea set that would look awesome on that! We(here on the Forum) went on a kick a few yrs ago, where we were all mosaicing trays and tea sets!lol! What fun!

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CALAM: I've been researching this tray. I think I might wait on mosaicing it. It may be worth a bunch. Might possibly be real old, like 1800's. Not sure but it is a possibility I guess. So I am gonna wait for now..Later

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Have you checked eBay for these trays? The prices vary wildly. I think you are wise to wait and check it out; it may be worth a lot of money. I have mosaiced lots of trays but they were all aluminum and they are fun to mosaic.

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Yes Silva I did and I got on an antique forum and they are trying to find out something for me. They are thinking it may be very old and valuable. We'll see. Either way i think I'm not going to mosaic it. I'll find another that isn't so old I guess.

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