satin poly looks really glossy, anyway to tone it down?

weluvnikMarch 3, 2010

We are building a new house and have a lot of stained woodwork throughout. We bought our first few cans of minwax satin polyurethane at a Sherwin Williams store, and were very please with it. The other cans we have bought at local home stores (lowes, etc). These cans seem to be going on much more glossy -- I really don't like the look of it at all. Is there a difference between the minwax sold at SW and at other stores? Do you know how we can "tone down" the glossiness? Thank you!

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Could be one can was stirred and another wasn't, or settled while you were applying it. You can knock down the gloss by rubbing it out with 0000 steel wood or pumice stone after it dries for about a week.

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Thank you!

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For future reference:

The stuff you bought from SW is the same as from the home store. The difference is that SW moves their stock faster, thereby keeping fresher product in stock.

The same stuff at a Borg(Home Improv. store) may have sat on the shelf for a much longer period of time.

All poly starts out as gloss. The amount of filler added determines the end look, satin, semi-gloss, whatever. If the contents of a can are not stirred(shaking is not recommended as that causes air bubbles) well enough, the dry finish will be different---as you found out.

The amount of time a product like this sits on a shelf impacts the ease of stirring as well as the amount of time required to stir and get the best mixture.

If you ever made a glass of chocolate milk using powdered chocolate mix, it is very easy to see this procedure. You stir in the powder, stir for several seconds, and find there is still undissolved mix at the bottom of the glass. You stir again and that amount of undissolved mix is less. But, if you let the glass sit for 15 minutes, some of the mix will again fall to the bottom and need restirring to remix.

Same thing happens with the product you are using.

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Handymac -- thanks, that makes a lot of sense!

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I did the same thing over a painted floor. Can I use a Satin over it instead to tone down, as I am afraid I will peel the paint off.

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