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becky_iaSeptember 3, 2008

I too think we should start a thread for showing what we do with the items we received in this exchange. It will be fun to see how others use what we sent and what we received. I already have a couple of ideas and should be an interesting project! I do think I saw where somebody already used theirs for a wedding present project (think on the other site)!


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That is a good idea. I didn't participate (didn't have much tess), but I'm sure that everyone would love to see the wonderful things made with the fabulous tess you sent each other.

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As for myself, I am still using things from the FIRST "care pkg" sent to me by CALAM and KLINGER. CALAM sent me one recently also, and I have used one thing from it only - the ball chain on the switchplates. I tend to pick from the stash now and then, but never put all of one pkg into just one item, but eventually everything w/be utilized, CALAM - not that creative to use it all at once, but this is a good idea, BECKY.

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