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greg131August 20, 2010

I'm planning on putting in Simonton vinyl replacement windows in place of vinyl replacement windows from 1989. It looks like they removed the original aluminum windows and installed the vinyl windows in the original wood framing that was around them. They finished the outside with aluminum capping and the inside with a small shoe molding next to the casing to cover the edge of the replacement windows.

My question is, should I be able to remove the shoe molding, cut the screws around the current windows, cut the caulk between the window and the capping, and just put the new replacement window in pushed up to the current capping? The only part of the installation process that I'm not comfortable with is the capping, and if I can avoid having to redo the capping, it would be great.

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Windows on Washington


The caulk that is on the capping is probably brittle and photo degraded at this point. Removing it will be difficult and it is much more likely that the capping will damaged in the process.

Most caulks have an adhesive component to them and getting that coil off of the window is probably going to be tricky without damaging it.

Can't hurt to try but I would not hold out hope.

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I agree with Windows on Washington. Putting brand new windows in and leaving the old coil and caulk is a little like buying a brand new car and using the tires off the old car. If you don't feel comfortable doing the capping, you can contact a company that does siding and get a price from them. It usually runs somewhere between $50 and $100 per window depending on size and complexity but would be worth it IMO.

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I agree with these responses. Your chances of getting the window out without damaging the external wrap is virtually nil. However, when pros install windows in this area, they routinely wrap the outside with new aluminum coil. It's part of the installation price -- so be sure your installer understands that that's what you expect him/her to do.

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