Sink Cabinets: Cutting I-Beam the Same as ''Scooping''?

ironcookMarch 14, 2011


my kitchen cabinets will have i-beam construction, and these will have to be cut or removed in order for the sink to fit in the base.

the actual sides of the cabinet do not have to be cut. my impression is cutting the sides of the cabinets is called "scooping".

so is altering the i-beams the same as scooping, and will this weaken the cabinet? is it preferable to cut the shape of the sink out or just completely remove the i-beam?

thanks in advance.

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I had to look up a sales video to be sure I understood what you were asking about; "I-Beams" is marketing language meant to impress, not a conventional cabinetmaking term.

That said, it's virtually certain that your installer will simply cut the shape of the sink out of the "I-beams." There's no reason to remove them entirely.

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hi jon1270,

thank you for your reply.

that is very interesting about the marketing vs. cabinetmaking term. please tell me what the correct term would be.

i'm from over in the kitchen forum, and someone posted that a contractor removed the entire i-beam. he told her it was only necessary for shipping and installation. this is why i was asking!

for anyone else, this is what we are told is "i-beam" construction:

example photos are from (didn't buy from here, though)

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I'd call it a stiffener or a brace. I'm not sure there is a 'correct' term for it. Many, if not most kitchen cabinets don't have such a part at all. Their name for it strikes me as silly, since real I-beams are so named because they have a cross-sectional shape like a capital letter "I," which these do not.

Unless your sink cabinet is at the end of a run, with its side exposed to the room, I don't think you need to worry.

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okay, thanks very much jon1270. :)

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