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rickyk22August 18, 2011


we are buying a house that was built in 1946 and one of the things we are thinking about doing is replacing the windows. the thing is, is that it is a block house and the windows are not standard sizes, so we would have to get custome windows. What is a good window and what should we expect to pay per opening? Also, the inside is plaster.

thank you.

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Nearly all of the windows that are used in a replacement or retrofit capacity these days are available in a custom size.

First, try to narrow your search down to what you want in terms of material choices and go from there.

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You will also have to have the house tested for lead paint. If it tests positive, that will have an affect on the price regardless of what your ultimate selection is. Other factors would be what type of construction your house is, what materials the existing windows are made from and ultimately whether you decide to install vinyl, wood, wood clad, fiberglass, aluminum or a composte of some type. Other considerations would be size and style of the windows and whether it's better to go with double or triple pane glass.

Asking how much at this point is extremely premature. I'd suggest setting a budget with some flexibility built into it and then try to find the best value for that budget.

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OK, thanks for the input. Engineer and GC both said around $700 per opening. We are going to spend what it takes to do it right, i dont want to cut corners to save a few thousand and then have problems in 5 years.

I am not sure what type of window I should use for this application though and am looking for any reccomendations.

the original windows are single pane aluminum windows.

thank you.

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I'd start by looking at some of the various windows that are available to you. As has been said, you need to decide what material suits you best. As a general rule, vinyl will give you the best energy efficiency for your money, some of the better wood windows are also pretty energy efficient by are usually more costly, aluminum might be good if you live in a very hot climate, and composites and fiberglass are good if you are looking for a combination of low maintenance and energy efficiency and also want a specific color.

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