Wiring Outlet to automatically turn off

mudgodMarch 28, 2012

I have a closet with an overhead light hooked up to a dimmer switch (rated for 500 watts). The closet also has a separate outlet that's used for hooking up an iron. I was wondering if there was a way to hook up another extra outlet to turn on/off when the light turns on (to prevent leaving the iron on by mistake).

Originally I was thinking of running a line from the light itself to an outlet. The problem being the dimmer switch is rated to 500W which isn't enough for an iron plus an iron on a dimmer seems like a bad idea to begin with.

Option 1) Get rid of the dimmer and put in a standard switch, pull a line from the light to the outlet

Option 2) I was looking at Z-Wave switched outlets (GE 45605) hooked into the current lines for outlets and have them turned on via the network. The problem was the ratings were confusing (The device plugged into the Z-Wave controlled outlet on thismodule must not exceed 600 watts (Incandescent); 15 Amps, 1800W (Resistive); or � HP (Motor)). I'd say Irons are a resistive load but then so is a lightbulb?

Sorry for the long post, in summary is there an option 3 that I'm missing and/or would the Zwave outlet work for a regular Iron

Thanks a bunch

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Do you really need a dimmer on a closet light?

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Forget about hooking up the iron's outlet to the light switch. You may 'accidentally' turn on the iron without meaning to and brush up against it or something.

What about putting the iron's outlet on a timer? That way, you intentionally turn it on and then it automatically turns off.

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@brickeyee - no definitely don't need it but want otoh... (yes I know not particularly practical...) fwiw it's an 8x12 walk-in)
@greg_2010 that sounds like the perfect solution. Hadn't seen those before but googling amazon has a bunch of products like that.

Thanks a bunch!!! :)

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Actually, now that I think about it, there are irons that have an auto off function built into them. If they are stationary for a period of time, they switch off.
Probably cheaper and easier to just buy one of those.

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