replacement or new construction windows?

sddiyAugust 6, 2013

I am remodeling a bathroom and would like to replace the window. I read that a replacement window would be best. However, I also read that new construction windows are better insulated.

Considering that in a year or two from now I will replace all the windows in the house and the siding, what are my options?

Can I get a new construction window now? What would happen to the siding? I have asbestos siding. I don't care if it looks ugly until the new siding is put in, but I don't want cold air coming in during the winter.

Should I stick to a replacement window? What will happen to it when I do the new siding? Can it get better insulated then?

Should I just keep my old ugly window until I can replace them all and the siding?

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What kind of windows do you have currently...wood, vinyl, metal, etc?

There is nothing about new construction that = better insulation as compared to an insert.

Going new construction will net you a bit more glass and can provide for a more complete and comprehensive installation if done properly.

If you are pulling the siding, that would be the time to undertake the window replacement if you decide to go full new construction and nailing flange.

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Use the replacement window. A good contractor (specialized window company) will do it right and you will not have to disturb the siding. Most vinyl windows have a nailing flange option for new construction, so the level of insulation will be the same for either one.

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I disagree VWG.

If he/she is going to do the siding, they should do the project all together.

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