HELP staining poular cabinets

daisymcMarch 15, 2009

HELP, I have a new home build. It is a log home, no drywall all log interior. I had an Amish man custom make my kitchen cabinets out of poplar, because I was intending on painting them. My husband wants them stained to match the interior, which is red pine stained Summer Oak. I have read horror stories about staining poplar. My question is, is it possible to stain them and have them look decent? I am a DIYer all the way, I am familiar will gel stain also. Not sure if some pretreatment should be applied to the cabinets. Do i use the same Summer Oak used on the walls? Maybe I could get a paint color similar to the interior log color and then glaze that to mimic the look of wood. Any help would be great. I fell like crying now. (Here is a photo of the interior wall color)


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If the poplar in the cabinets includes any of the greenish sapwood----there is not much you can do. The white heartwood and the green sapwood stain completely differently.

The faux finish idea would be the best method---providing you can find the closest match. The best way to do that is to get some advice from faux finish folks in how to do different techniques, get some of the same wood used in the cabinets, and practice.

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