Window replacement (Brick Veneer)

vskercheAugust 29, 2009

This message was originally posted in the home repair section..This forum seems to be a better fit...I hope someone can give me some good guidance...I've had 4 "PRO's" give me quotes, and all are different as to a solutions..Here is the original post, and follow-ups

Does anyone know how to replace a window on a brick veneered home? I measured the window and picked up a replacement vinyl from Lowes. When I went to start the install, I noticed that there are NO inside stops..just the wood frame. There are plastic jamb liners, and the sashes are spring loaded. If I pull out the jamb liners I can take the sashes out, but The reason for the replacement is that bottom part of the window frame (and partially up the side) rotted out, and there would be nothing for the replacement window to set against. I thought the part that was rottted out was a stop, but waas wrong..The bottom part of the window seems to be aluminum with wood attached. The sides are all wood, and the top looks similar to the bottom..Help is very much appreciated

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Wed, Jul 1, 09 at 18:44

A replacement choice in windows is based on the wood frame of the original window being sound. If you want to continue to use this window, you need to repair the current frame and replace the damaged parts.


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Sat, Aug 29, 09 at 9:47

Upon further investigation, the window is similar to a Pella Proline..The wood that is rotted is actually part of the window (on the outside of the aluminum frame, but on the inside of the house..looked to be a 3/4 x 3/4 piece). Looks like my only option is to remove the brick around the window so I can get at the nailing flange. Anyone ever do something like this

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You can still use an insert/pocket window in this application.

You will need to replace the rotted wood and you can install new interior trim stops if there are none to hide the edge of the new frame.

You would never remove bricks to do a full tear out or access the flange.

This kind of like cutting off your finger to get out a splinter.

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