Plant above buried satellite cable?

pickledseedsMarch 8, 2010

Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this to so I'm going to also post on the garden forum.

The satellite cable that runs about 1 foot from the side of my house and 1 inch deep is right where I would like to plant some perennials, specifically peonies. Does anyone know if planting peonies on top of the cable will cause any issues?

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Personally, I would avoid this. The plant roots won't hurt the cable, but you are going to hit the line with a shovel or rake sooner or later. Could you just tack the cable to the side of the house to keep it out of the way?

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I'm pretty sure I can't move the cable.

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Maybe these would help?

Here is a link that might be useful: Guy Markers

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The Peonies roots will eventually bring the cable above ground. Other than that, the plants themselves won't hurt the cable at all.

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Someone on the perennials forum suggested I plant annuals which is what I may I end up doing.

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Just don't stick your trowel into the cable and cut it.

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Ron Natalie

Weed's got the advice I had. At 1" depth you're biggest concern is that you'll dig or hoe up that thing. I know it's just a TV wire, but I'd have buried it deeper than that.

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Ultimately, we are talking about an annoyance, not a threat. If you dig/rake in this area, you will eventually snag this cord. The only thing it will do is knock out your TV service. If your luck is anything like mine, you'll do it right before a superbowl party or similar event.

Personally, I'd spend a couple bucks now to get the wire out of harms way.

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I really shake my head sometimes when I see how some of these cable and satellite installers run their wire. I've seen them run cable an inch in the dirt and then push it down through a crack in a sidewalk to complete a run to a house. I've seen roof mounted sat. dishes have their wire run inside the gutters and down through the downspouts.

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Many of the above mentioned "installs" are the direct result of customers who either (A) don't own the home and can't/won't secure the landlord's permission for a proper install, or (B) own the home and cannot stand the thought of a few anchors, screws, clips etc. driven into their castle. And then there are those who think the installer has some magical device that can bury cable and leave absolutely no evidence of having done so.

With reference to the OP, relocate or otherwise properly protect the cable now, you will have to "fix" it sooner or later.

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Yeah, if you dig there you will eventually cut the wire.
Please don't ask me how I know ;-)

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Put down some mulch and a decorative statue or a small fountain if you feel the need to adorn the spot. Just don't plant there. You're asking for trouble. You will end up damaging the line at some point. It's a given, not an if.

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