Kitchen Window Sizing Help/ Size Guidelines

thumbs_03August 13, 2012


Our kitchen remodel is being held up by a wingle window- the builder can't submit for permits until we have the window dimensions. My designer has suggested going as wide as we can (80") but I am not sure I want to go that wide. The window will face the neighbors house, about 30' away. We can see the woods out back and gardens out front but the majority of the view will be the house and/or whatever trees we plant in that space. Wintertime will have a drastically less pleasant view. There are no plans for wall cabinets on the ~20' long window wall but there will be a peninsula sticking out about 2/3 of the way down the wall with the 2/3 being floor cabinets/countertop.


Are there guidelines for sizing a window/windows? Examples which come to mind:

1) As wide as the sink. Our Sink will be ~36" on a 36" cabinet.

2) 200% sink width so that it is 50% wider than the sink on each side

3) Far side of the dishwasher (adjacent to sink) to equal width on opposite side

4) ?????

Our designer has moved on to other projects, probably out of frustration with my picky detailing.

I think the attached image has the wrong size sink base.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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No real rules. I think what you have there looks pretty good.

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It is difficult to work out exactly where the wood trim ends in advance, which is beyond the window opening itself. Plus the sight lines of the window glass will have different lines as well. So basically what are you trying to line up with the cabinets? Glass site lights, trim, or something else? I think you should center the window on the wall or between upper cabinets, dont worry about the lower alignments.

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We are doing a similar design. For us it's all about natural light. Our windows face East and we want as much morning sun as possible. The windows will look onto a deck/courtyard which is across from the master bedroom (u-shaped house). So it's not out looking at the back yard greenery but we will make the courtyard area colorful with potted plants and such. The windows are 36"x3= 108" This other picture is my inspiration picture. Those windows face East as well and look out to the side yard - essentially a fence. But it's about the natural light that comes in. Those windows are 32"x4 = 128".

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