wiring for dishwasher

ardcpMarch 12, 2014

could someone tell me if it's normal and acceptable to have a wire going directly into the dishwasher? i pulled mine out today because i smelled a burning electrical smell 2 days ago, found that whirlpools are catching fire and got concerned. we have a newer house and the dishwasher has it's own breaker in the box in the basement but no plug/outlet behind the dishwasher, just a thick white wire coming out of the wall.

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Some locations direct wire is perfectly fine. Some locations prefer that you attach a cord to the DW and plug it into an outlet.

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Hard wired with nm cable has been the industry standard around here since they were invented. Only recently have contractors been installing receptacles for them. I usually installa duplex under the sink with one side switched and the other hot all the time. One for the dw and one for the disposal.

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If the dishwasher is right next to the sink, I use a cord and install a half hot receptacle under the sink. One side switched for the garbage disposal to plug into, the constant hot for the dishwasher.

If it's not right next to the sink I stub out a wire on the rough in and then direct wire it. If it's direct wired, a breaker lock off is required.

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Ron Natalie

Almost every dishwasher on the market today is cord-and-plug connected. Some people conveniently put the receptacle for the dishwasher under the sink but in other times it's behind the dishwasher.

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