5 ft Slider or 3 ft Patio Door

peridot44August 17, 2012


We're getting ready for a kitchen remodel. Our plans currently call for a 5 ft sliding door. But, I'm worried that a 30" leaf may be too narrow.

There's a 6 ft slider (36" leaves) in the family room, beside the kitchen.

Does anyone have thoughts on advantages or disadvantages of a 5 ft slider v. a 3 ft patio door?

And, for the door, is an inswing or outswing more practical? We'll have enough space for an inswing, if that's better.


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Most swing doors on the rear of a house are either 30" or 32" per panel. Most front entry doors are 36". I would go with an Inswing door as long as you have the room. Make sure the door comes with an astragal bolt for greater security.

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I agree with Eco and the other problem with outswing doors residentially is that screens are not as readily available.

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The clear opening is small on a 5' slider. I would use inswing if you have the room.

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Bear in mind that you will have a wider clear opening with the 3-0 door, but two feet less of day light opening. You might also want to consider a 5-0 patio style swinging door, (It is hinged in the center and one panel is fixed and the other swings open and folds against it). They are also called atrium doors (little a) and Verandah doors. It will give you just a few inches more clear opening width than a slider, but offers two panels of glass. These come as inswings only, and generally have a sliding screen that slides from the stationary panel to the operating panel to close.

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