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katiescarlett71August 22, 2010

Hi, We're pretty budget strapped and have saved up some money for windows for our house that was built around 1915 here in eastern PA. I realize that we won't have enough money to replace all of the windows at once so decided to get some estimates and see where we are. At least I would like to replace the windows in the front of the house where we get most of the wind. I see alot of billboards with advertisements from "Window World" for $189 which would suit our budget. So, does anyone have any "heads up" on Window World? Are there any "hidden costs or fees" I should know about before I call them? Does anyone know if this really is the actual charge per window and what does that include? Thanks to anyone that can help.

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That $189 price will go up pretty quickly on a poorly performing window. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Unless of course you ignore that advice becasue of a really low price.

You WILL get what you pay for.

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It is also worth mentioning that once you get the window with the proper options (i.e. Low-e/argon, grids, capping, etc) the window will cost you over $340+.

$189 will get you a window without Low-e, capping, or grids. There is no point in replacing the window if you don't get Low-e in it.

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I don't, but I guarantee the price will double because of their overhead. I was in a similar situation and I purchase the windows directly from the manufacturer via the installer (small family owned business-20+ years experience). the windows qualify for the federal package. I paid the manufacturer directly and they charged a flat fee NOTE:I knew the windows I wanted,called the window manf and they would not sell to me but they gave me several conpanies/installers in my area that use their product. I called until I get one company that would work with me. I am in N Delaware if u need the referral contact me.

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The $189 window is a loss leader well explained in the post by skydawggy and windowsonwashington. Do some more shopping, find windows with a low e at a minimum. If $189 is your budget, you should consider the option of replacing a few at a time and purchasing a better quality window.

Window World is a franchise so while the window is the same across the country, the approach may differ from location to location. In my town they are not keen on splitting the project into phases so you may not find them willing to help you get a better window a bite at a time.

Look for a local company that can source windows direct from the manufacturer and see where their pricing hits, as wiggie mentioned. I am a small window replacement company in San Antonio, but I can source a window that is better than what Window World has to offer, and sell it at a price that is competitive with Window World's "true" replacement window (what you actually pay once they load on all the extras to the $189 window.

Here is a link that might be useful: San Antonio Windows and Doors

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Almost all local building codes now require windows to have a low-e coating at minimum. Check your local code, and if this is true where you live, get the price with the low-e coating. It's probably not going to be $189.00.

We have never bought these windows, but have worked on buildings, all apartments, where WW was the window contractor. I have to say that I thought the installation was a little slap-dash.

While I am in favor of getting the best product at the best price -- I'm not at all sure about these windows, and can't image that you cannot get a better window from a known manufacturer for just a few dollars more if you shop carefully.

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