Smart Meters

texasredheadMarch 27, 2010

Here in the north Texas area, Oncor Electric, has been installing the new smart electric meters which can be read remotly by our local retail provider, TXU Energy. There has been considerable griping about electric bills spiking. My experience has been just the opposite with my electric bill going down by nearly half. Any other experiences?

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I think it is more likely that the billing cycle of the new meters is causing the price discrepancy. That is, some people are seeing 6-weeks of billing in a single bill, others are seeing 2-weeks.

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I just read today, that there is concern that they are subject to hacking.


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Bill Wattenburg, a radio talk show host and scientist at Lawrence Livermore has something to say about the subject. Notice he's right (alot) of center.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bill Wattenburg on Smart Meters

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So called 'smart meters' are going to be used to create demand billing.

The meters can easily record not just the power consumed but also the peak power and time.
They can even maintain an almost second by second reading of power being used.

Look for rates to be higher during periods of 'peak demand.'

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