sliders vs casement??

nyrgirl35August 1, 2011

Im getting new windows through my house and I am most likely going with Simonton 5500. My original windows are sliders, do I stay with sliders or go for casements? I would real have liked to get double hungs but my windows are very wide. Can you please tell me the pros and cons of sliders vs casement. Especially since the casements are more money.

Thank You

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Casements will perform better mainly due to much lower air infiltration ratings. Casements will also be easier to clean as most off-set 90 degrees when fully opened. However, there are a few window manufacturers who make tilt-sliders.

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ok thanks for the info....most my windows meas...46 x 47 do u think a DH is ok to put in that size opening (that is what I prefer because of their traditional look) of course I wouldnt put them in just based on looks if its only going to give me problems down the road. also im looking at the Simonton 9800 not 5500. I plan on getting some prices soon on them. Can u tell me a ballpark figure I would be looking at?

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I think we already had this discussion in the other thread you started. I have no idea what the price would be as I don't know what's involved in the installation. Nor do I know what your dealers overhead and labor expenses are. My advice would be to talk to 2 or 3 companies, look at several windows, compare features and price and then decide on which one suits you. Focusing too much on the price is never a good idea.

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I know im rambling I just feel overwhelmed with all the choices there are, and making the wrong choice because I didnt research properly. Thanks for your help!!

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We just put in two 4/0 x 4/6 Marvin Integrity single hungs. 4/0 is their widest single or double hung. We replaced cheap, fairly new sliders. For our opening, we would have needed double casements which would've been a lot more expensive.
We will eventually replace all the sliders. I don't like sliders in general and where we live at the beach, it's a never ending job to keep sand out of the tracks. I know nothing of Simonton. We went with the Integrity due to its fiberglass construction and it being better suited than other materials for our environment. The pricing was also competitive among other fiberglass windows.
I was never warned about a problem with going that wide in a single or double hung window. I'm not sure what the problem would be. It's not difficult to operate unless perhaps you were leaning over a kitchen counter.

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We put in sliders and when my wife wanted to wash the exterior of them we found that they don't have any turn around feature that sets the exterior for interior washing. This was a major disappointment because I failed to notice when we bought them. I had my previous house remodelled with vinyl double hungs and clad sliders. All of them had a rotating feature to assist washing. I suggest you look at the specific lines you are considering to see if they have it.

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