Can someone help with a cracked window?

AcedenAugust 8, 2012

My room is quite large to the point where I have a double bed on side of the room (which I sleep in) and a single bed near the window. As I am on a main road I pretty much always have the windows shut. I woke up one morning and this crack appeared.

I live in England so a pretty moderate climate and don't expect temperature to play a factor. The windows are not near the radiator in the room and I have certainly not made an impact on it.

Despite me telling the landlords months ago they are only just doing something about it now (as we are moving next week) and inevitably they are going to blame and bill this on me.

There is a crack in the wooden frame of the window, which the second and third image highlights. Does this have anything to do with it?

I was wondering if anyone else could explain why this crack has appeared out of nowhere. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Images of window

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Difficult to say for sure. It could be as simple as the building settling. What year was the building constructed and how old are the windows?

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Good morning Aceden,

Could you post a couple more pictures, please?

Pictures looking straight (90 degrees to the face of the glass) at the window centered directly on the crack origin point - right where it comes out of the sash edge.

At least one picture about 5 cm away from the glass and one about 50 cm away.

There are various reasons why glass breaks, thermal breakage being just one of them. My immediate reaction is that your break isn't thermal stress for a couple of different reasons.

You have a very high stress break, so if you can post those additional pictures it might help to determine what happened.


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