Sister's stepson going to the bathroom outside

SAG1August 26, 2002

My sister's stepson, who lives with them in the summers, is always going to the bathroom outside. And not just urinating. My sister complained to her husband, but he says it is normal for kids to do that (he is nine). The neighbor called and said she saw him doing it out of his bedroom window. Its not like he is trying to get attention, he is otherwise pretty wellbehaved.

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This is not normal behavior for a 9 year old. He obviously has been allowed to do it at other places and has not been corrected. What does he do when he is in school. Your sister and her husband need to talkt to this boy and let him know it is unacceptable not to mention unsanitary. Maybe he is just doing it for attention, but this needs to be addressed immediately before someone reports him to the police.

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Boys going to the bathroom outside isn't all that uncommon especially for a nine year old (step child or not). Urinating is the more common behavior, but I don't think the other would be all that unexpected. It is a normal behavior probably learned from a good friend or family member. If he's a good kid, your sister probably just needs to ask him not to do it. He may need to be reminded a couple of times, but in the grand scheme of things, it probably isn't a big deal. Unlike what the other poster mentioned, if someone were to call the police on a 9 yo for going potty in the back yard, they are the ones who are going to look bad, not the child.

Anyway, I think it's just making a mountain out of a mole hill. Ask the child to stop. The habit will probably go away.

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