Re-doing living Room

cooki1268August 18, 2013

I would like to re-do my living room. It is a very long (21-1/2 feet) and narrow (12-1/2 feet) room. Furniture placement has always been an issue. It feels like all of the furniture is pushed up against the walls (probably because it is =) .

I am going to get rid of everything (except the plant), and will be starting fresh. I just need some ideas on placement.

I really like these shelves to flank the fireplace, but nothing set in stone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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What is the purpose of the room? Will there be a TV? Is this where guest enter the home and walk through to the kitchen area?

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This will be our formal living room; however, we are not that formal. There will not be a television. It is where quests enter the home and walk to the kitchen area, along with where we will entertain guests.



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Currently you appear to have a sofa, two chairs, coffee table, end table w/lamp, armoire, torchiere lamp, and maybe a bookcase. And it is a walk-through area for the kitchen.

Working with the furniture you have now:
I would first remove the coffee table from the room. Then I would pull the area rug towards the sofa, getting the sofa front feet on the rug. I would place the two chairs on either side of the fireplace, angled toward the sofa. I would try to get the front feet of the two chairs onto the area rug - might be possible, might not. You might need a larger rug. Place the torchiere behind one of the chairs.

Unless you need the armoire and bookcase (is it a bookcase?) in the room, I would lean towards getting them out of the room. I would rather see a long console table in that area.

If I were budgeting for this room, I would keep the current furniture and spend my money on (pricey) custom drapes - stationary panels to dress the three windows in the room. I would add a second side table for the sofa and a narrow side table for each chair.

If the current seating (sofa and two chairs) is not enough seating, I would look at maybe two ottomans that could sit in front of the large window and then be pulled into the main area of the room when entertaining a larger group.

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If people usually walk through, you need a passage. If you sometimes entertain, you need a conversation area. So, could you place two loveseats, or 4 chairs, on either side of the fireplace, with perhaps 2 small tables pushed together (that you could separate as needed for a party)? Then, perhaps a console-type bookcase on the stairs wall. You need something in front of the front window, though. Plants? Or a table with lamps, and ottomans beneath you can pull out for more seating.

Pretty front doors, by the way, as well as the door to the, is it kitchen?

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