Rough wiring for undercabinet lights

rocketmomkdMarch 3, 2012

This pic shows what our undercabinet lights will look like once installed. Since we are installing them at the front of the counter, we'll have armoured cable so there is no exposed wire. My question is about the rough wiring inside the wall. Right now the walls are down so we have total access. Does the wire need to come into a box before coming out into the armoured cable or can it just run up the joist then out a hole in the drywall or the back of the cabinet like shown in the picture?

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Ron Natalie

You only need a box if there is a junction. THe above looks fine. In fact, in most areas of the country, you don't even need armored cable. NM installed similarly would be legal.

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Thx for the input...if I can do without the armoured cable I definitely will. It's pretty ugle.

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