Cheapest place to buy 5 x 7, 8 x 10 frames?

phish_gwSeptember 23, 2009

I have done mosaics where I bought an 8 x 10 frame with a backing and I have used the back as my substrate. I once found them on sale for $5/each at bed bath and beyond. They work well if they have the backing that has a cardboard attachment which can be used to prop the frame up on a desk (because if it has that attachment, it has to have my neccessary backing!) Where is the cheapest place you've found to buy frames?

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I usually buy mine at yard sales. Couple of dollars at most. You can go to the dollar store and get them cheap and then just add cardboard attachment yourself. Also check flea markets, goodwill, st. vincent, etc.

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I got a pile of them at a dollar store, they were perfect for mosaicing and had the cardboard backing with stand and all.

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You can really cool frames of all types at dollar tree, I bought some mirrored ones and mo'ed on the mirror, ones with big wide frames and mirror in them to mo on, they are a wide variety and only a buck!

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