Storm Windows? Replacements? Restoration?

peace_roseAugust 22, 2009

We live in a house built in 1945. All but one of the single pane wood windows are original and in decent condition -- not great, but not too bad either, considering that we don't have any storm windows!

Five years ago I completely scraped, reglazed, primed with Kilz and painted them on both the exterior and exterior. Now most of them are showing signs of wear again - mostly on the interior sashes and grids. The interior paint is peeling, and it's evident that several are taking on water. (The roman shades get damp, and there's a musty smell sometimes after it rains). We're in Denver, so it gets very cold and very hot throughout the year. But it's actually quite arid here as well.

The exterior side is still holding up well. I would like to explore the possibility of restoring them and having storm windows made. Can I restore them myself? What's involved in the process? Might they be beyond repair? And how do I find a good company to make storm windows - what questions do I ask them, etc?

I originally assumed that we would just replace all the windows as our budget allows (DH is handy and can do). But I love the look and character of the wood.

Thanks for your help!

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