cut down redwood tree

newplaceMarch 8, 2011

I am new to gardenweb, please advise if this is not the right forum for this question.

I am about to cut a 40+ feet redwood in my backyard to add new additions to my house. I am wondering is there any way to make use of the lumber from this redwood trunk? Is there any company would help me to prepare the lumber, i.e. cut it into proper pieces and treat it?

I am in SF bay area.


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I googled 'lumber mill sf bay area' and came up with several leads.

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There are companies with portable, horizontal bandsaws that can cut your tree into lumber. It will also need to be dried and air drying can take a year or two depending on your climate. Typically they will charge a fee or in some cases, take some of the wood in exchange for the service. I listed on of the companies who makes these bandsaws below, they can point you to someone in your area.

Saw mills are often reluctant to mill trees from urban areas because of the chance of metal in the wood. Even a nail can damage expensive blades. Just something to be aware of.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wood=Mizer

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"It will also need to be dried and air drying can take a year or two depending on your climate. "

And the thickness of the wood.

Figure at least one year per inch of thickness.

You may be able to find someone with a small kiln that can dry the wood for a cut.

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I had this question about a tree I was having cut down several years ago, and all the tree companies that I asked assured me that they consider the salvage value of the trees they do. The price they could get for the tree would have been factored into the price they charged me. That might be one reason to go with a reputable arborist company rather than a jobber.

So if you don't go find a mill yourself (and you'd have to figure out how to get the log there), the company you hire to cut the tree down (assuming this is not DIY!) will likely have contacts to whom they would normally sell good logs (my tree wasn't good, had too many branches). They might be able to have that wood custom cut and dried for you. But unless you are really tied to using THAT wood, it might be more efficient to just let the company process it to market, and you go and buy whatever wood you need.


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Just call around and get quotes. Someone will take the tree off your hands and put some dough in your pocket.

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