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psulionlvAugust 6, 2011

Hello all:

I have Atrium aluminum slider and double hungs in my home. On the sliders, the previous owner had a knack at slamming the sliders shut without retracting the lock, and the scratched/crushed some of the FIXED panel window frame. I know I can pull out the sliding window panel, but I can't seem to figure out how to pull out the fixed panel so the fixed panel can be replaced (I realize I may need to buy a new window to get a replacement panel, but i REALLY do not want nor need to replace the entire window as this is more of a cosmetic issue rather than functional issue).

Also, anyone know where you can get replacement Atrium locks? The previous owners cat seemed to have a taste for chewing on the plastic lock handles.

I also have a similar issue on a double hung, but in this case the glass is even broken (a crack that I didn't notice for a while as I thought it was a crease in the window film!).

Thanks, John

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Atrium Companies, Dallas, Tx. , 214-630-5757 or They may have a Distributor in your area.

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Atrium is as helpful as teets on a bull!

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