Front Door Pricing Pella vs. Lowes

slattsnjMarch 20, 2007

I am in the market for double entry front doors and have gone to Pella and Lowes and had them price out the identical product. I am seeing close to a $2000 price difference on the Pella side being more expensive. Does this seem right to anyone on here? Am I getting a substandard door using Lowes? Any information will be helpful



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Could the Pella price include installation?

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Negative the installtion prices were on a seperate line item and very comparable. This was just for the doors themselves.

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The Pella store might be just a franchise, where they use the Pella name but aren't supported by the Pella company. I've heard stories from people who had problems with their local Pella franchise, and the Pella company wouldn't help.

We went with Lowes for our Pella fiberglass doors. We had no problems, everything was quick and easy. They delivered them to the house and my contractor installed them.

The Pella store probably has a larger selection than Lowes, but identical grade items should be the same in both places.

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Company stores can have a huge price difference compared to big box for the same item. We bought 15 Sauder bookcases for our church library remodel from Menards at $25 apiece, Sauder has a co. store in our town and wanted $47 apiece for the exact same item and no discount for quantity. Regular price at Menards was $29.

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