Marvin Ultimate Clad

lmnbrandonAugust 6, 2011

I am thinking about installing Marvin�s ultimate clad double hung in my house. I am concerned about moisture getting between the clad and the wood, thus promoting wood rot. Anyone familiar with the design of the Marvin�s window to comment on my concerns? Thank you .

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I have sold Marvin clad windows in the past and I strongly feel this is not an issue. If it were a potential major problem none of the many companies that produce these types of clad windows would still be making them.

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ALthough I have no direct experience, for the reason you stated, I steered away from Clad windows. Murphy's Law - if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. I decided on Marvin Integrity Ultrex/Wood windows. They are fiberglass on the outside and wood on the inside and less expensive than the ultimate windows. They look really nice. Make sure and look at the Wood/Ultrex windows, not the all Ultrex (these are meant to compete with Cheaper Vinyl replacements and just don't look that great).

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While the Integrity is a very good window it doesn't really compare to the Ultimate. Integrity is only available in standard sizes and very limited colors and other options.The Ultimate is available in any size needed, over 32 colors(clad exterior)many jamb depths and grid options. As well as matching "Signature" custom products.

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True and I agree it doesn't compare to the Ultimate because it is not clad. I have new construction so I was lucky and every window I ordered was standard with the exception of a large fixed round top (this will be a Clad Ultimate). The wood/ultimate now have the same grid options as the ultimate (except for true divided lite). I got the simulated dividers with the internal spacer in the cottage style. As fas as colors, my wife is having as hard a time with 5 so 32 would be worse not better (the color range is from Bronze to white and since they are fiberglass exteriors (not aluminum), I can paint them, inluding a dark color.

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