My door is in!!! And more....

Calamity_JSeptember 14, 2008

WOW!!! What a day!!! Klinger and I went to Victoria to the Glass Smith Anniversary Sale 30% off!!! I told her on the way that I was only going to spend $100....$250 later...I bought mostly greens and purples and some glass I just couldn't LIVE without...and 2.8lbs of nuggets...I had A(as in one...) project in mind...a wisteria lamp...then I saw this REALLY nice glass that would be dreamy for another project I always wanted to do...It was such an awesome day...when we got there, there was a garage sale down the road so we checked that out and I got this really cool metal loon for .25!! Then I got to see my Glass Family(family run business)I look forward to this sale all's right up there with Christmas for me!!!ha! They hugged and kissed me when I was leaving!!! Then Klinger took me out for lunch and we hit all the thrift stores on the 60 mile ride back!! YAHOO!!! When I got home and Klinger and I were trying to sneak all my glass in the house...DH was home!!! Oops! Forgot he was not working all before he could notice anything slipping into the house I got on his case about the front door not being put in...HE DID IT!!! YAHOO!!!! We even had a bonding moment and went out together(He's always working) and picked out a new front door knob! I took these pics at 6:30 am so forgive me that they aren't in the best light but you'll get the if only I could keep this glass sitting in all the windows! (don't think it would fly with DH!lol!)

Browns and greens and 25 cent treasure loon!

Greens and purples for 2 projects?!

Door Finally in!!!!!

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Wow. The door looks greattttttttttttttt. And the purples are making me drool. My favorite color. What ya going to do with them??

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Here are the patterns I was thinking of when I picked out the glass...Klinger said that I bought enough purple to make a lamp for her too!hahahaha! Cheekie Monkey!!!

My Pics



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OH YEAH!!!! the door is awesome! so glad you got it in, it looks fabulous! congrats on the glass buying, sounds fun

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WOW! Your door is AMAZING!! I be you are one happy camper now that is it finally in! Drooling over all that beautiful glass, can't wait to see your wisteria lamp and especially that landscape! Congrats on a having a perfect day!!

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Your door is gorgeous, Jane! WOW! What a striking entrance to the house!

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Congrats on the finds and WOW on the door!

Please PLEASE consider posting a closer pic of the door, please?

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You door is drop dead geogeous. I may have missed a post, but tell me did you do the door? It is awesome.

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LOVE the door!! Gives such a warm welcome to your house! So glad your DH got it if he complains about the glass, I'll make the "sacrifice" and take that gorgeous lt purple off your hands! LOL


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The glass in door is beautiful!! DH did great job installing it! Love all the glass colors & the loon is lovely just as is. Will look great in the garden!! Best part is you & Klinger had a great day together!! Those moments are hard to come by in this busy life!! Can't wait to see your lamp! Jan

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I think you made quite a haul! Imagine all that glass...I don't know if I could keep from getting into it tonight.
I love the door...beautiful job and so kind of him to install it for you...You should bond..and then pack that glass and Klinger and come on to Texas. I bet you could find a few thrift stores on the way? Slow keeps telling me of this great glass place in Dallas that we are going to go to someday...I just hope it is before the ice and snow. lol. You did good girlie, I am proud of you.

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Here is a pic of the window before it went in the door, I tried to take a pic of it from inside the foyer but I stand too close...but it sure does what I wanted it to, which is let light in the foyer..which was super dark all the time with a solid door there.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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That door looks great .I love all that glass.

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Your door looks great!! Nice way to distract DH!!

The glass is soooooo pretty!!

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That door is awesome! Glass, glass, glass!

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Cal_j, is that the door that slid off the trailer and took the trip down the road? it sure looks great, ya'll did a fine job, i love your window.
made a nice haul on the glass also.

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Oh yes it is LG!! ha! End over end down the HWY!!! It looks like yellow glass on the window but thats just the wall paint behind it. Yup, 29 sq ft of glass! sheesh! and I'm not doing any thing but working right now...gotta get a routine workin' for me and get back to craftin', right now I'm DOG tired from this Go Go Go job!!! It's weird being on the other end of the shopaholic experience!ha! I had a new freind come over yesterday and see my art room and art, she was so overwhelmed by all this "stuff" I have, she said "Don't show me anymore!! I'm Overwhelmed!!!" Heck, she'd faint at the site of some of your studios!!! (Flag!lol!) This gal I met paints, quilts, pottery and fuses glass. Soon to be a mosaic artist if she hangs with me anymore!!!hahaha! She also asked me why I mosaic instead of doing trad stained glas, I told her it's faster and more forgiving!!! But I do like both!

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Calamity. oh what fun you have been having!!! Your DOOR is FANTASTIC, and will greet everyone who comes to visit with a smile. It is just awesome, sneaky way to get into the house without DH seeing that gorgeous glass you bought. LOL.

I still dont' know how you manage to not have any grout bleed through, it just looks PERFECT.!!

And those new purples you got, and a wisteria lamp. Oh i am so envious. My favourite colors!!

By the way, I just LOVE that peacock, and is it dolphins swimming in the round staiined glass.?? Those two pieces are just wonderful.

Whatcha doing next???

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Well - this one leaves me sorta speechless. Sure w/love to tell you in person just how beautiful that door looks. W/miss all your wonderful art now that you're working again, but have a feeling you'll squeeze in some time to create. You should be teaching the art also. Love you.

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Woo Hoo! What an artist you are, and what fun with the glass! WONDERFUL!

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Thanks Everyone! You are all so sweet! Mermaid, thats a pair of whales swimming in the moonlight!(moon was made from a .25 garage sale find..a hand blown plate!!!) I can't believe that my little panda is taking me so long and he is only like 2 inches of glass, and here I bought 29sqft!!!hahahaha!

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Oops, forgot I was gonna include this pic of the whale is a pic of when I first completed it, not even in the frame yet!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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What??? you MADE those gorgeous stained works of art???


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Oh, I want that whale sun catcher Beautiful!! You are so talented. Do you prefer Stained Glass or mosaics?? I've never tried SG yet.

Question, kinda off topic, in your pix of your GORGEOUS door, I see what looks l like it might be a wasp catcher?? We are in frantic search for something to attract wasp, we have tried almost everything and DH pounced on it after he said that was a fabulous door. Right now they just make a beeline for the pool and bug us and ignore the wasp catcher hanging nearby. LOL

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Mermaid, that looks like a hummingbird feeder. I love the whales CJ. Maybe you could bring your new friend with you to TX? We could use a lesson in fusing

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Wow! Jane! The installed door looks soooo beautiful! And I love the lamp pattern, so many pieces! It's nice the see the whales again, it's so gorgeous! The colors are incredible. I sure wish I could have come shopping with you and Klinger, had a blast last time, you two are fun shoppers!

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OMG! You have to submit that to a magazine!
You are a master.. and need the credit for it!
Holy crap woman! least call Glass Patterns and show them that door!Wow!!!!

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Ya HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...Beautiful Calamity! BRAVO...take a bow!!!

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