Need help deciding on penetrating oil or satin for table top.

boops2012March 8, 2012

I recieved a dining table ,2 leaves and 6 windsor chairs from a friend cleaning out a foreclosure home. Gotta love FREE. Now im sanding off the badly applied glossy black paint the PO used. It has the look of butcher block but im fairly cretain that its some rubberwood type thing as its made in malaysia.( Do they make Maple products there?) Would it be easier and more durable to use a dark penetrating oil and wax to finish? or gel stain and poly? What finish would be be more resistant to water rings? I do have small children.

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probably a gel stain and poly. Wax is not really a protective finish.

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I did two tables recently, one with Behlen Rockhard Table Top Finish and one with Minwax polyurethane. The Rockhard took a while to dry thoroughly but it's so tough now it makes the Minwax seem delicate by comparison. The Rockhard is a phenolic (think Bakelite).

For the chairs--and possibly the table skirt and legs--consider a polyurethane-based gel topcoat (e.g., from General Finishes). Doesn't run. Tough enough for these surfaces and much, much easier to control on vertical surfaces than brushing varnish.

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