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kpaquetteMarch 9, 2009

A pineapple finial, carved out of walnut, about 7" high? My contractor knows a guy, and he's going to get me a price (which I'm sure will be inflated) but I have 2 other inquiries on my own as well. I have no idea what something like that would cost. We're trying to dress up a box newel and make it look victorian.

something like this:

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Lemme see if I can find a link from a place someone bought from a while ago...well, I'm not certain that this is the same place, but it sounds the same.

They have larger ones for $90 and smaller ones for $60. So $75 was a good guess as to what you'd pay retail.

Pineapple finials


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Thanks, Mongo! I'll call them to see if they come in walnut - I need them to match the handrail and the walnut perimeter border we have in our floors.

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Mongo's price sounds improbably low to me, especially if you mean that the guy your contractor knows would carve it himself. If he's going to order it in a standard size from a mass-production shop that does most of the work by CNC, then maybe, but I'd doubt it even then. The one Mongo linked to isn't carved from walnut.

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I guess I don't know of another option other than having it carved, since I need it in walnut. I haven't found anything online that's massed produced that has walnut as a choice of wood. I found one guy online who carves finials, out of whatever wood you want, but am waiting to hear a quote from him.

I guess that's why I was curious what something like that would cost. I have no idea how long something like that would take, what the labor rates should be, and what the wood costs.

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This site has exactly the one you pictured, though it's 6" tall rather than 7", and they list walnut as an option.

The same company offers a 7" walnut artichoke finial, which is fairly similar, for $175.

Many such "carved" products are actually cut on CNC machines, and only finished with a bit of handwork. Doing one of these the old fashioned way, i.e. turning a blank, and carving the details entirely by hand, would be quite time-consuming.

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Haha Jon that's exactly where I stole the picture from. :-) But since I apparently have ADD I didn't even see the prices for the artichoke. That's why I love this site LOL. If it's only $175ish that would be doable. I emailed the guy and am waiting for a quote - I'll call him later today maybe.

So do you think that a fair price?

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It's been a long time since I did much carving and I never did this sort of thing, so I don't feel qualified to say whether that price is right. It seems plausible, but it wouldn't surprise me if a custom size (7" as opposed to the standard 6") would push the price up quite a bit.

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