Old 7' Mahogany crown molding is warped

pieinskyMarch 24, 2009

I was given about 550 feet of 7" mahogany crown molding. The "Giver" knew I was remodeling my old 1910 home that has 9 1/2 foot ceiling and guessed this molding would look great. And he's right, except the stuff has a lot of bows in it. Not twisted, just bowed in places. It's fairly old (probably 30-40 yrs) and has never been used-- just stored in a barn.

My question is, can I pull the bows out of this stuff as I install it? I've installed a lot of regular crown for myself and friends and regular crown doesn't scare me. But this stuff is as hard as a 2 X 4 stud and has about that much give to it.

My walls and ceilings in the house are 1/2" drywall over solid 1" X 8" tongue and groove boards. So anywhere I drive a nail or screw you hit at least 1" wood. Could I pre drill this molding and draw it to the wall with wood screws and then putty the holes. The molding will be painted. Or should I beg my friend to take it back and store it in his barn? I can see this molding being beautiful once I got it up but I could see it taking me a month to do one small room.

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Depending on how bowed it is it very well may pull flat.

If it is nice stuff it might even be worth using trim head screws to fasten it in place and pull it harder than nails can.
Plugs can be used to hide screw heads, or even matching putty (the same stuff used on floors).

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Thanks Brickeyee--I'll give that a try this weekend. It is nice material and I hate to see it go to waste which will happen if I take it back to the barn.

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