self cleaning windows other than Anderson???

emmachas_gwAugust 6, 2007

The self cleaning window technology is not that new, but Anderson is the only company I can find who uses it. Can anyone advise me of others?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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What exactly is self cleaning window technology? Is that similar to PPG's Easy Clean glass coating? We've got that on Great Lakes windows and you only need to hose them down and you're done.. No squeegies needed..

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osxaddict, thank you for the response!! Yes, that's exactly what I'm talking about. I read about PPG's Easy Clean coating, and about Sun Clean. But I'm unable to find the actual window suppliers who use it. I will check out Great Lakes windows, but I doubt they are available here in south Louisiana.
Many thanks for your help.

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You can also look into Sunrise and Restorations by Sunrise. Not sure if they are in your area, but I know they offer that coating (SunClean).

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I just googled "self-cleaning glass"

saint gobain (great britain only?)

make it and have list of window manufacturers on their websites.

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The majority of large window makers get their glass from Cardinal Glass. Cardinal's self cleaning coating is called NEAT.

The fact is that there aren't that many windows being sold with the self cleaning coatings in the residential market (apart from Andersen, who uses the Cardinal product).

It looks like more window makers will be offering the product within the next six months or so, so you may want to sit tight and wait until your preferred window maker offers it.

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Window glass described as "self-cleaning" has a special photo-catalytic coating - titanium dioxide - applied to the surface. The titanium dioxide coating makes the glass surface hydrophilic which means that water will sheet and flow off the glass.

As a comparison, most after-market coatings (such as Rain-X) are hydrophobic which results in the coated glass surface repelling water causing it to bead up on the surface. A hydrophobic coating will leave dirt and mineral deposits (spots) behind when the water evaporates whereas a hydrophilic coating results in a surface layer of glass that is "slippery" to water which then sheets off carrying the dirt along with it.

In addition to being hydrophilic, the titanium dioxide coating chemically reacts with the ultraviolet rays in sunlight to oxidize organic material on the glass. This process, called photo-catalysis, breaks down dirt and other organic materials and prevents them from sticking to the glass. It works on organics, but the coating does not break down inorganics.

Some of the folks that produce glass with the titanium dioxide coating like to say that their glass is self-cleaning (Pilkington, PPG, others), whereas some manufacturers (such as Cardinal) avoid the term "self-cleaning in favor of "easy cleaning" which is how Andersen describes the coating as well in their literature.

While the difference between "self-cleaning" and "easy-cleaning" might be considered to be trivial, there is some concern in the window industry that eventually the titanium dioxide coated glass will need to be cleaned  even if it is simply a matter of spraying the windows with a garden hose  which will lead to grumbling from consumers about being mislead by the "self-clean" description. .

Still, this is a very nice add-on product and it does work as advertised as long as people realize that "self-cleaning" requires sunlight and an occasional wash-down with water  be it rain or a garden hose  to remove whatever debris might be on the glass surface.

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Lynne Reno

I'm getting Brother's windows with titanium dioxide coating, the owner of the company came out to measure and described the coating exactly as oberon did, he said to call it 'self cleaning' would be a false claim.

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Chapuisat, you were right about the wait. Marvin, my first choice, just came out with a self cleaning or easy clean window.
And, Oberon, I hope it's titanium oxide! I didn't know to ask. Thanks for the easy to follow explanation. I clipped your post.
If I can clean the second floor windows with a garden hose, I'll never complain!

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emmachas, Mavin uses Cardinal's NEAT coating which is titanium dioxide.

And you are welcome.

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Thanks, Oberon! You made my day!

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Pilkington developed the first of these products. It does not remain with time and requires reapplication. You too can have this by simply appling rain-x to your windows just like a car windshield. Andersen uses this as a marketing hype. Gorell has discontinued its use, etc...

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None of the current "self cleaning" or low maintenance coatings from the three major suppliers (Cardinal, Pilkington, and PPG) require reapplication--the coating will remain indefinately.

And Rain-x works it an exactly opposite way as the titania coatings. Rain-x is a hydrophobic surface, which repels water causing it to bead. The titania surface is hydrophilic, meaning water tends to sheet and run off the surface. And there is some testing that indicates that hydrophobic coatings on windows actually make them dirtier!

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chapuisat is correct.

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I believe so too.

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where can I buy Cardinal glass? I replaced half of my windows with Andersen and love them. The other half of the windows do not have frames and are not of Andersen standard sizes, and I need to find a glass maker who can make insulated glass like what Andersen uses.

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Simonton Windows also makes a SunClean line of glass options. I believe they are sold to The Home Depot.

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