Cana Leaf Birdbath

texaswildSeptember 15, 2011

Another wild idea. Sand-cast Cana leaves form the bowls on a concrete pedestal w/mixed media mosaics. My painting technique, as well as photography skills could use lots of help - not good at all. The B.B. isn't in it's final home. I'm building a grotto-like area for it somewhere - don't know yet where.


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Oh, SLOW, what a fun bird bath. You are so creative. It's so unique, I just love it! And I think your painting technique is wonderful. ;-)

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Oh Man! This is another over the top creation!!! leaf it to you to take an idea and make it extrodinary!!! Who'da thought to make a 3 fanned one like that!? It reminds me of a coconut tree! LOVE IT!

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Thanks, y'all. I was gonna make one w/an Elephant Ear leaf, but changed my mind at the last minute. The day I had two ladies here making leaves from my Elephant Ears, I couldn't concentrate on one for me cuz I was helping them. Trying to figure out a permanent place for this kept me awake during the night. I need your help, CALAM - where to put it.

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WOW I love it!!!

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Its amazing! The three baths in one, just love it!

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Another amazing SLOW creation!!! I sooo LOVE it!!!! I'm going to try real hard to get a poject started tomorrow. My Hubby broke his leg so now I'm nursing him. This has just not been our year!! Can't wait to see yur next one!!!

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Wow! What a beautiful birdbath and unique idea with 3 leaves!
I have been wanting to try a leaf casting. I found a good tutorial and am now anxious to give it a try. Do you have make your castings in the same way?

Here is a link that might be useful: Leaf casting

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Thanks, MOSAICREFLECTIONS. I was inspired by several tutorials several years ago, including NICETHYME'S tut on Flickr. When the ladies came to my house and made some using my GIANT Elephant Ears, I used their formula. Three parts sand, one part Portland Cement. For the liquid - half water and half admixture. They didn't use any reinforcements, but I chose to use the drywall fiberglass tape in between two layers of the concrete mixture. For the Hosta leaf I used in the water feature w/the faces, I used Mortar Mix and the fiberglass tape. I'm not happy w/the way I painted the birdbath bowls, so am gonna trade some tiles w/my present student, who is talented w/painting to re-paint the leaves.

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Thanks for the input, Slow. I am definitely going to give it a try! I have some left over thin set mortar mix and fiberglass tape from my totem project I will use.
When you use the leaves with water in them, do you do anything special to waterproof them?

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Another amazing Slow work of art!!!

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No, they held water from the beginning - they're quite thick, but I did use masonry sealer, hoping to brighten the paint - it didn't make a difference.

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Very nice Slow, what a unique design, I just love it. I made a few ee castings last week and hope the weather will hold out to do some more this week, it's getting cold and damp here. I think yours turned out beautifully.

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Thanks, KLINGER. I had planned to make an EE birdbath bowl, but thought this idea more unique. I built the arms to hold the leaves w/the diamond lath/concrete. That sucker is HEAVY. I'll wait 'till next year to make a giant EE leaf casting. OR, if you and CALAM decide to come in spring after they've come up and developed, we could do one then. Y'all can do something else (cuz it'd be difficult to carry one those on the plane) while I make the leaf.

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