Help!!! too many choices for replacement windows

tkingJuly 5, 2014

Seeking assistance on window purchase

Location - Washington DC/Baltimore area

Replacing 11 windows and a patio door

I am looking for top of the line with mid-grade pricing

I've spent a number of hours researching windows and getting quotes. I'm still having issues with information recommended. Need your assistance in determining the top rated windows (manufacturer and vendor) in the area. Also which has the better warranty.

Got quotes from the following:

Window Nation - Grand View - $8,400
- Barrington - $7,200

Window on Washington - Okna Insul Tec - $9,600
- Affinity - $8,400
- HiMark 800 (is this the same as the Okna 800??)- $9,600

Unicorp - Prodigy Fortis Series - $7,700

BGE - Mezzo (Alside) - $7,800

Kelemer - Fortis (Triple Pane) - $7,500

All help is appreciated.

Thank you in advance, for providing insight to the MANY choices.

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Follow any advice windowsonwashington gives you. He is a highly respected expert and were I looking for replacement windows in his area he would be my first and last stop. He will not steer you wrong and sells quality product and installation. Product is only as good as the install and he will do the right job for you.

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In addition to that I have reread the options the other installers gave you and the price difference is quite obviously related to quality or more to the point lack there of......

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The pricing for the okna is very competitive. Due to the pricing, okna is a no brainer in my view. Also, windows on washington has been around a very long time and has an excellent reputation. You are in good hands and if you ever have issues, they will be around to address them, unlike those local contractors who are in business a few years, go under, and then reappear under a new name.

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Thank you

Is the Fortis a good deal? It is $2100 less than the Okna.

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Hopefully my response comes across as helpful. Im not trying to be rude in any way. I do not think your statement of trying to obtain top of the line windows with mid grade pricing is realistic. Maybe listing out the requirements of your project will help you decide on a vendor and manufacture of window. Eliminate quotes out of your budget, should you have a budget. Eliminate any windows you dont like the looks of. Eliminate a company with a warranty you do not like.

Granted it isnt my money but for me and my project i am going by aesthetics of of the window, followed by the quality of the installation, then price. I plan to live in my home indefinitely and want my windows and doors to last. If i have to look at them everyday i dont want to not like how they look.

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Windows on Washington is a top notch outfit in every regard. Good pricing on that product, I guarantee that you would not regret choosing them.
Regarding the pricing, you have the Insultec(500) and 800 listed at the same amount. There must be an error there... Both of those lines are superior to the Fortis.

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