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nupurguptaJuly 28, 2011

I have been reading all the various extremely instructive posts on sound-resistant windows. Basically - larger air gap between lites, laminated lites, and differing widths of lites.

I have just bought a condo with old windows. It's on the 7th floor,and on the 1st floor is a bunch of restaurants that have noisy exhaust fans that I want to block out.

My question is, I understand the mechanics, but what brand of windows should I go for please? This is further complicated by the fact that requirements are special for high rises...

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I don't know were you are located, and that has a big impact on what Brand of window(s) are available.

In my area (FL), we would typically put you an either a Sound and Security window by PGT or Custom Windows.

Or for a little be more "quiet" and more DP rating (High Rise), we might put you in an Impact Window.

Can you tell us were you are at?

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Windows on Washington

You got the principals down: Air space, Mass, thickness.

Milgard makes a dedicated STC whereas most peoples laminated windows will get you to where you need to for sound attenuation.

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