Cost of plugmold??

mick2March 27, 2011

We are doing a kitchen remodel and my electrician wants to charge us $225 per plugmold. That seems really high to me, any opinions??

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It can be a pain in the rear end to install, so the easiest way to say no is to make it expensive. "Per plugmold" doesn't tell us much, could be a 30ft run or a 5ft. run. Accordingly, $225 may be reasonable or not so reasonable.

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Really high? Depending on your area I seriously doubt it.

Plugmold is a real P-I-A to install, and I get a premium to install it. There is also the fact that if it is the oly thing on a circuit, in a kitchen it will require a GFI breaker which also adds to the cost.
It is also pretty expensive to buy, so if that price includes the material I think it is a bargain.

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had nothing to compare it to, so thanks for your input-now I know.

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Also, compare it to how much he'd charge for the receptacles. My Dad told me that in his area (less expensive than in mine), a single "box" runs about $125 to $150.

So if he's installing plugmold, he IS installing a box, actually, but then he also has to connect the plugmold to the box, etc.

One run of plugmold ought to be less expensive than the 6 outlets it replaces, however. THAT is its cost advantage.

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"...a single "box" runs about $125 to $150.."

where? I may move there.

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talley_sue_nyc, your logic, and math, is flawed to say the least.

Installing W/M is NOT installing a box, nor do you need/use one for it.

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