how to properly terminate dead wires?

measure_twiceMarch 7, 2012

What is the proper way to manage or terminate wiring that is no longer live?

We have many junction boxes that are no longer needed, and it would be nice to remove and repair with gypsum board. The unused wiring is nailed to studs.

The boxes were for thermostats for the previous baseboard heat. At the service panel the wires have been pulled out and clipped short so they cannot possibly be re-connected.

In addition, we have lights controlled by a single switch that would be better off with 2-way switches. It all makes for many dead wires.

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Wires that aren't connected to anything are just pieces of plastic and metal in your wall. No rules or codes govern that. Clip them short so that they can never be 'accidentally' hooked up again and just leave them.

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Ron Natalie

I've seen guys who twist the ends of wires together when abandoning them. That way if some idiot does find the other end and energize it, it will trip the breaker right away.

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Thank you. Now the house won't have "junction box zits" all over.

I will twist the ends together, tape so they don't untwist or spark against something if said idiot energizes them, and add a sticky label that it is dead.

A label will hopefully alert a reasonable person that the line *should* be dead rather than just cut and live. (But I test any strange line I find)

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