Staining a pine table

buster100March 18, 2013

We have a unfinished pine table that we want to stain the table top and paint the legs. Looking for advice. My wife and I are good DIYers just need some direction.

I am guessing first sand table smooth and apply a stain conditioner - recommendations on a brand. Step 2 stain - should we use gel or regular stain, brand recommendation? I think we want to sand smooth after stain and re stain then apply a top coat. Looking for suggestions on top coat, brand, poly or something else. I assume I apply a couple couple and sand this smooth as well and then apply a few more coats etc....

Any recommendations on paint brand and type to use for legs? I have a compressor and spray gun or can brush. We really want this to turn out durable and close to professional as possible. Thanks!

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Stain coniditioner - Miniwax. Stain I would use a gel stain, as it will be less blotchy. Top Coat: Oil based Poly.

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Here's a good article on this subject

Here is a link that might be useful: Battling blotching

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