Outdoor Cabinets Solution--HELP

newbieoneMarch 29, 2010

Marine outdoors cabinets are to much money. The space I have in mind to place the cabinets outdoors is covered. Will not get water or sun but will be outside in weather that ranges from 35 to 110 degrees. I thought to buy in stock black oak cabinets and treat the bottom, side and backs with painting on satin clear urethane. Will this work? Also will purchase metal adjustable legs. If the cabinets last 10 + year that is good enough. Your ideas will be greatlly appreciated!

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Nobody can tell you whether this will work, or to what degree it will sorta work. We don't know how the cabinets were built, but we do know that they were not designed for such temperature fluctuations, and the manufacturer won't guarantee them to survive such conditions. What you're contemplating is a gamble no matter how you slice it.

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