Which is Neutral / Hot Wire? (SPT-2)

snikcillaMarch 9, 2010


I want to add a (single pole cord) switch to an electric blanket cord...

(because when plugged in, the power light is always on and the control unit is always too warm, even when blanket is off.)

...Directions say strip only hot wire. But wire is white flat flexible cord (SPT-2) no ribbing. How do I tell which wire is hot from the outside?

There is "printing" only on one of the 2 wires. Would that be the hot wire?

Thank you.

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Ron Natalie

No, the printing or ribs goes on the neutral wire by convention.

Of course, modifying the appliance screws up your UL certification (if you care).
The other option is that you can find at your local discount store or home center an extension cord with a switch already in it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Example of what I'm talking about

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Assuming you have a polarized plug on that there blanket of yours, look closely at it. the 'blade' that goes in the wider slot is NEUTRAL. The narrower one is hot, and the one you want. Follow the wires from the plug.

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