Simonton wood windows

WindowDogJuly 2, 2012

I'd like to pick the brains of knowledge on this board. Apparently I do not know everything about every product. Imagine that.

I am considering doing a side job for someone in the community. I'm considering this because the only products I was aware of that would be appropriate are exclusive dealers, and I don't feel I can count on either one of them to do anything timely, or pay me.

However, remembering the Anderson 400 series, and the Marvin Integrity, I went out looking for wood interior windows to go into a log home.

I was surprised to find that Simonton also makes a wood interior alum clad window. Has anyone had any experience with this window? Very nice in appearance. Can't believe I worked with Simonton products for many years and did not know this existed. I was also impressed with the Woodright? window from Andersen. I will not consider fibrex products and do not consider them to be classic Andersen.

Not to fond of the vinyl clad products - the alum clad is superior to me, but I was told that Andersen's exterior would last 30 yrs and they have had good luck with it.

I sound like a rookie :) But it's also fun to learn some new things. Thanks in advance for any input.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

This is news to me as well.

I was not aware that Simonton made a wood window.

That even being said, I would stick with the Ultrex/Wood combo before trying out a relatively unreviewed and vetted window.

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From what I was told, it's been out for a while, but under a different name, though it is made by Simonton. Can't remember the name. Saw it at Home Depot. Was checking out Andersen Woodright.

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This is news to me also and we sell Simonton Windows. I also checked the Amcraft line and there's no wood window mentioned there either.

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Simonton does not have a window with a real wood interior.

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Humph. Guy swore it was manufactured by Simonton, though it's under a different name. I asked him how in the world I could possibly not know that that.

I did like the look of that Woodright window. Lookswise it's quite nice. I wonder if it comes in custom sizes. These will be for a log home. I'm sure I could find out, but anyone here aware of the efficiency and durability? I don't like vinyl clad, but the guy I talked to swore by it. That would be the killer for me. Opinions?

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The Home Depot's around me sell a wood window under the Sequel name if I remember correctly.They are typically next to the Simonton window since they are both sold as installed only windows.Maybe that was it? I have seen more problems with aluminum clad windows than Anderson's vinyl clad. They do come in custom sizes but they are not cheap. I believe Home Depot has 10% off on special order Anderson's right now also.

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I believe that Sequel is a private label Weathershield product made for HD.

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Must be a real quality product (using my best sarcasm)!!

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ha ha. I know what you mean. I haven't been in a Home Depot in so long I was surprised they had a few decent windows.

Yes, it was Sequel. The guy told me it was made by Simonton. Very nice look. Have no idea anything about it.

I've decided to suggest Marvin Integrity to the customer. The wood/ultrex. I have had so much negative experience over the years with vinyl clad that I'm just not comfortable with it, especially in a darker ext color. I have absolutely no problem with fiberglass.

Now if I could just get the 2 suppliers I contacted to get back to me on pricing. 13 units. All standard sizing. What's the problem.

Still curious about the Sequel, tho. Wondering how it holds up. Guess no one here knows. That's ok. If it's private label, then it's probably exactly the same thing Weathershield makes under their own name, right?

Home Depot install only?? I don't think I would let Home Depot give me the windows and put them in for free. It would all have to be redone anyway.

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I'll have to check next time I'm in Orange but they were selling a wood veneer window by Peachtree at one time.

Have you contacted Inline Fiberglass in Toronto?

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Peachtree is also owned by SNE Enterprises which is part of the Shield Family Brands which own, Peachtree, Weathershield, Crestline and Vetter. And from what I recall most all come from the same factories these days so Sequel is probably part of that family as a private labeled product. Which in my estimation would make it a marginal product at best under any name and made more so by the fact that it is HD Installed ONLY!!!

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I hear ya on that one for sure.

I did not know that Shield owned Peachtree. Interesting.

You know there's windows and there's "sash packs". But some of the wood interior windows look like sash packs that they put a frame around. I mean in quality. Don't know if that's necc bad. Just a thought I had when looking at the Sequel. I've become rather passionate about wood lately for some reason. In my mind I would compromise some things to have wood. It's probably just an anti-vinyl swing and I'll get over it :)

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You'll get over it in 10 years when they are rotted out and out of warranty, lol.... I have a higher opinion of weathershield/peachtree/sequel than mwm does, but I'd agree that they are not on the same level as Marvin, Kolbe, etc. Stay away from anything they make with vinyl. The extruded aluminum is decent, as is their fg line, although it is uglier.
Your Integrity recommendation was probably best IMO.

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Homesealed, it has been a few years since I was actually in the residential wood window business (commercial aluminum and glass these days) but still have quite a few friends working in the wood window industry. I would guess then from your experience that they have made improvements from the mess they used to be, and I will make a mental note that maybe they are ok now as well as the note I also made recently about Eagle being better quality since being purchased by Andersen. I had sold quite a few W/S jobs that were mediocre at best in the past and there Visions 2000 line (vinyl) was garbage and truthfully have never seen their F/G product. And Peachtree is just poor all the way around in my opinion. So there you go an old dog can learn a few new tricks, lol.

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MWM, I agree, the visions is not a good vinyl window at all, nor is their vinyl clad. I have not had issues with the aluminum product when I've used it. The one thing I will say is that they are generally priced pretty close to the Marvin/Kolbe/Andersen etc, all of which I would take over them. The Integrity would actually price out cheaper for me, and I'd take that window 10 out of 10 times of the two options.

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The moral of the story for this thread: Box store employees don't know what the heck they are talking about! LOL :D

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Imagine that!

I went into Hugh M. Woods one time looking for window stool. They treated me like I was an idiot that didn't know a damn thing. Shut them down on that, and so they went to try to look it up in their computer and then came back and told me that window stool is an obsolete antique window part that's no longer made. lol! Had to make my own. Different regions, different stuff.

Then there was the time I forgot a bunch of stuff and it was cheaper to run to Home Depot real quick from the job. Asked the guy for the spackling tools. He said what's that? Is "spackling" a manufacturer? I still laugh about that 10 yrs later.

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