electric water heater wiring

arichard21March 22, 2007

okay, we are in the process of re wiring alot of our basement to update it. i am about to run all new wire to the water heater. currently it is 10-3, but there is no nuetral. the only wires comeing from it are a red, black and a ground screw. as of now the white wire in the 10-3 is cut off.

i want to replace it with 10-2, but my buddie says i cant and HAVE to use 10-3, but when i told him the white wire is not being used he just says to clip it off. so doesnt that in effect make it the EXACT same as using 10-2?

i dont understand his logic! maybe someone here can help me!

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10-2 with ground is suitable for 240 volt water heaters up to 5500 watts. Your "buddie" is not a good source for electrical information.

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thanks bus driver, i was starting to get worried. i already purchased the 10-2 and it is roughed in to the new panel and ready to hook up!

btw, when you say up to 5500 watts, is that total or each element?

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That would be per element since only one element operates at a time.

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Posted this in Plumbing, then saw this thread- any suggestions?

Helped a friend install a new Sears 50 gal. (#32666) yesterday and today they ran out of hot water after shave/shower. Old heater was a 40 gal. single element wired supply-black-to-heater-black and supply-white-to-heater-red. New heater is 2 element and says electric supply is wired 1 lead (used white) to yellow and 1 lead (black) to the black and the blue water heater wires. Since neither of us can get to the heater until after work today to check the obvious (1 wire not connected) I just thought I'd check in the meantime to see if this sounds correct and what else to check. Thanks!

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I suspect that the new heater is not heating with the bottom element. Another suspect is that the dip tube may be broken/missing.

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