Fiberglass Mesh

mfbpaSeptember 16, 2013

Hi, I'm just wondering if there's any difference between fiberglass screen and the mosaic fiberglass mesh that the mosaic dealers sell online?
Like are the holes bigger, is that better etc? I see that you can purchase "tile mesh" in the home improvement stores. Is that the same as the mosaic mesh?
Some mesh also has glue already on it.....

There's a huge price difference in them so I thought I'd ask.

thanks much!

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as long as the product is alkaline resistant, its really your choice

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Just wanted to post that I've been looking online a bit for the mesh. I liked the fact that the holes were larger than the fiberglass mesh screen. Anyhow, I did see it on mosaic sites for $4.99-5.99 a yard but also found it on Home Depot Online. I was a bit reluctant to purchase it from them but I did take a chance. They call it Fiberglass Stucco Mesh.
I have to say I am VERY pleased with it.
The holes are larger than screen and to be honest, this looks like the stuff they sell on the mosaic web sites.
It is $39 for a roll, 38 inches x 150 feet.

You can order online only, and there's no shipping charge when you pick it up at the store.

Now to get started on my wall, which is going to be an indoor mosaic winter project that I can do in sections.

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Thank you so much for this information! That is a huge savings. I have copied this for my future reference -- I'm ready to do a large project of some kind, not sure what just yet.

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If you are like me you might want to "SEE" it. So here's a picture.

Also, if you do decide to order some, it will take 2 weeks to get it, don't ask me why.

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Thanks so much for posting this picture.

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Needing to get some mesh myself. Just wondering how has this worked?

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It's fine, it's exactly like the stuff you buy online from the mosaic shops.

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When tiling on mesh, do you use the 50/50 water/Elmers glue like you would on paper? I'm wondering how small of a piece I could glue to this. It's not uncommon that I would take a 3/4" tile and nip it into 4 pieces. Wondering if that's too small for the holes.

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At the local building supply store I have found a roll 6" X 75' of fiberglass mesh. It states on label that it is fiberglass repair fabric and is used to reinforce repairs on inside and outside walls. It shows to repair a hole with mud and let dry. No where does it state that it is alkaline resistant. Do you think this could be used to attach tess to and then mosaic on my substrate? The price is certainly good it was $7.00 for the roll. I know I will have to piece together for larger pieces. But I do have some smaller designs I need to do.
Thanks for any input.

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