What products/steps will bring new life to wood in historic home?

victoriandreamMarch 20, 2009

We have a home built in 1892 and the oak woodwork in the foyer and dining room areas needs a boost. The woodwork that have been exposed to light is quite faded and has lost that rich color. So, we're looking for a process that's somewhat simple to bring this wood back to life. Looking forward to reading some recommendations. Thanks!

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Sanding and shellac. May well be what the original finish was---shellac. Use a bit of rubbu=ing alcohol on a rag to test---if that disolves the present finish, it is shellac.

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Yes. I think an amber shellac would work. Does there need to be a coat of something else applied to it - like wax? What would tung oil do?

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Putting oil on top of an old varnish is asking for trouble down the road. You can always renew shellac without stripping, the same could not be said for topcoating with oil.
Wax applied to shellac with 4/0 steel wool yields a very fine satin finish of amazing silkiness.

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Any tips for shellacing? How long to dry and put wax on? What to apply it with? Also, tell me more about waxing? Can a wax be applied to the areas that don't need color but have become dull?

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