How much should I sell these for?

textilejoMarch 27, 2011

I'm making these kids on swings to sell and I have no idea what to charge.

Anyone know what the going price would be for these?

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It's all about what the market will pay. I'd suggest you cruise around on ebay looking for similar items (maybe search a term like folk art?). I imagine they take more time to make than you will get compensated for, so I hope you are doing it as much for the fun as for the money :-)

Actually, putting a couple on ebay with a low reserve or no reserve would be a good way to do a value test.


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Thanks Karinl, I tried to find some on Kijjii with no luck. Guess I did not know the right search words:-)

The first ones we make will cost nothing since I have lots of paint and things to decorate them with. It is mostly for fun so I don't expect to get rich quick from them, LOL

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I would try selling on etsy. Also if you did a series with kids faces of different cultures it might sell well; there are so many blended families these days, I'm sure some people would like their decor to match their family a bit better.

They'd be really nice in a pediatrician's office waiting area.

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