Can you help me find some triple bead?

terri76March 27, 2012

I have a problem and I am hoping someone could help me. My custom made cabinets are built but cannot go to the finisher until I find a triple bead light rail molding(under cabinet trim). I have spent hours searching the internet and some places have it but it is too narrow for my cabinets. I need it to be 3/4 thick 2 (or more) inches wide and 96 long in hard maple. Some places call it triple bead filler. Does anyone know any molding places that might have it?

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I doubt you will find triple bead in a piece that wide.

I can make 1" wide triple bead---but not 2" wide. I could do 1" wide triple in the center of a 2" wide piece---leaving a flat surface on either side of the beading.

Try a cabinet shop---one that builds from scratch. Or a millwork shop/dealer.

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Consider a beaded casing, it will need to be cut down to width. See link.

Here is a link that might be useful: moulding

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@sloyd Are you near Baird Bros? I was surprised to see it posted. One of my sisters used to work there.

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